Afterness, Art Angel

Creative Direction, Design Direction

An alternative art organisation and creative cohort came together to produce the identity for Afterness, a boundary-pushing exhibition in the National Trust’s desolate Orford Ness.

Leaning on the wild landscape and history behind the site, Futurimpose created an identity that complimented all aspects. The project resulted in all branded elements for the exhibition: a takeaway guide, invites, maps, social assets, and the sound art platform.

The exhibition was set in the unusual landscape of the National Trust’s Orford Ness, an abandoned military site on a windswept beach stretching miles along the Suffolk coast. Afterness commissioned a series of site-specific, multi-artist works intended to be experienced both on location and online. ⁠

The physical space is a octagonal building known as Black Beacon which was originally constructed in 1927 to develop radio systems for marine navigation. For Afterness, it was transformed into Library of Sound, containing archival field recordings captured on the Ness at different times of the year by Iain Chambers, Chris Watson and Brian d’Souza.⁠⁠

Due to the climate, it was important to create an experience that people could access remotely and one which would also live on past the exhibition.

Futurimpose conceived and designed an interactive digital experience to house the sound art, inspired by recordings captured on trail cams of the wildlife in the area as well as the haunting architecture of Orford Ness.